a little painted bust commission i finished last night. commissioner wanted herself as either a werewolf or a harpy with a blue/green color scheme

i meant to make this earlier, but i’ve been so busy that i forgot!

so here it is, the first 200 strips of monster pop!, made over the past two years.

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hey, guys! i edited my patreon so now it applies to all my art — not just monster pop!

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Hi everyone! My name is Sophia Chester and this is my kickstarter project. I’ve written a fun scifi novel about a black space detective named Cosmo. Cosmo lives in a very unique world thats modeled after the 1950’s yet it has a slightly futuristic vibe to it. Everything is available with the push of a button and most people travel by means of rocket ships or flying saucers.

I wrote this novella because I love science fiction but it pains me to see that there aren’t any stories starting women of color. If you do see any black characters there most likely the comic relief or they end up dying to help push the story along. I’m sick of this and I’m sick of waiting to see when  someone will write the kind of story that I would wan.So I decided to take matters into my own hands.

I want to raise $3,000 to help publish my novella. So far I’ve managed to raise $500 and I only have 10 days left in my campaign.My kickstarter will end on July 31st at 12:15. I would appreciate any sort of contribution towards my campaign.Even if you don’t have the funds to help support my kickstarter thats ok. Simply reblogging this post and passing it on to the next person is just as helpful. Thank you.

hey, guys! i’m doing some super secret art for this so check it out!


future cons?

hey, hey, hi! i just finished my last convention for the summer and i’m thinking about doing future cons! i’d really appreciate some suggestions for that — but please only suggest cons that have about 10k+ attendees. i’m trying to expand the places i can visit, but it’s not financially feasible for me to go to smaller cons at the moment.

if possible it would also be super nice if you could include the dates of the con and, if you know it, when artist alley sign ups are.

also! depending on the con, michelle might be coming too cuz we wanna do more cons together.

ironcladfolly asked: I'm going to be a vendor at my first con in a few months! I've been a vendor at several craft fairs before, but this will be my first convention-style show. Do you have any advice for a con first-timer? Things like how to set up your booth, what sorts of things to bring, and the always difficult-to-answer "What sells best?"

bring a refillable water bottle. bring change. give yourself space for storage. display all your best things prominently, even if they’re more expensive, because even if people don’t buy them, they will attract people to the table. this works like an end cap in a store.  you have a couple really nice, more expensive items that attract customers, but which sell the least.  then you have midtier items that a lot of people will buy, which are nice and in a midrange expense wise.  then you have the smallest, cheapest things that people will see after being attracted to your table by the nicer things, things that don’t cost much but will add up slowly.  if you look at end caps at stores like target you’ll see that they have this down to a proportion of about 1 : 2 : 3 or 2 : 2 : 3 (high : mid : low ).  also, have clear pricing signage and have a cash box that locks.

i used to try and think about what would sell but it was always counterproductive for me. i just make things i want, things i want to draw. if i like something and enjoy drawing it, i will work harder and make it better and it will be more likely to sell. it’s always difficult to predict what will sell at a con and a lot of the time it’s regional.

things sell differently depending on where the con is, so even if something doesn’t sell at your local con, it might do better out of state. you just sort of have to build up a stock, bring everything, and hope you do well. when i try to strategize too much and think too much about what’s popular, it end ups not selling because there are so many other people doing the same thing. when i make things i enjoy, it ends up being more unique and therefor more sellable.

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glamduil asked: I'm an artist and I want to eventually sell my art at cons, but the idea of making something good enough to be a print makes me anxious, like nothing I draw is good enough for that. do you have any tips or advice?

there’s not really any such thing as objectively “good enough.” your taste will always evolve faster than your skills (or at least, hopefully it will; otherwise you’d end up with technically good art done in poor taste). all you can do is keep drawing and working your ass off and hoping you get better.

tabling at cons can be scary but the easiest way to get over that fear is to just do it. you might take a loss the first time, you might not, but cons are a steep learning curve and it’s pretty easy to improve the more you do them. i find its always helpful to look at other people’s displays to get ideas for how to present your work. as far as the work itself… i just draw whatever i want and hope it sells haha.

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Booth E10 at #sanjapan


I’m booth E10 at #sanjapan


what??? you didn’t get me anything?? how could you! ——just kidding! but today is the two year anniversary of monster pop!!  thank you all for two wonderful years <3

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