crazyashleyd asked: I just wanted to say that I absolutely LOVE your art! The style is so unique and awesome! I love Monster Pop! :3 Yeah. You are awesome and adorable.

thank you! <3

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sweetaffairs asked: I just wanted to say I really love your singing voice, songs, art, and comics ◕ ◡ ◕ oh and plus your funny :3

aww thank you! <3

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13cooljazz asked: Omg I just saw one of your selfies and wowie you're so cute omg

ahahaha thank you! maybe one day i can fulfill my dream of being a bonafide lady killer………………

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thepennyroyals asked: I picked up the ukulele recently, and I would really love to learn to play your songs because I relate to a lot of them and would love to be able to play and sing along. Do you make your chords available anywhere? (I'd totally be willing to pay!)

all my chords are up for free on my bandcamp! and if you’d like to support my work, you can buy an album or something (they’re $5 each so it’s not a huge monetary commitment).

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sometimes i forget how gay i am

another of my sets came out! it’s called rococo voyage. see the announcement here.

well you asked

yo if you want my selfies (and sketchbook doodles and other things) just follow my instagram

i do actually smile sometimes but i don’t generally post selfies on this blog (it’s an art blog duh) and when i do, they’re usually less silly… (i actually smile a lot, just not in selfies bc it looks forced, i mostly only smile for pics with friends)

winterypines asked: Excuse me? I'm sorry but could you please take a selfie of you just smiling? I never see any of you looking really happy. <:)


how’s that

do i look happy now


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recent sketchbook things from my instagram. click thru for captions.