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thymeandspookyspaghetti asked: Maya! I don't know if you'll see this, but I saw one of your IG drawings on another blog~ with no credit, or link to the original post (you)! Would that be considered art theft? If so, should I send you the screenshot?

i would love a link, thanks for letting me know! (you can copy it into a fanmail or email me at )

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princelyyy asked: hi there, I was wondering if you have any tips for using brush pens to get lines really smooth like how you do it? I absolutely love how you line your drawings because they're just so smooth and flowy!

honestly it’s just a hell of a lot of practice. and rotating the page so your hand doesn’t smudge wet ink.

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spookydraco asked: maya, i'm an aspiring artist and i've been following your work for years now. i love drawing the human body, it's my favorite thing to draw and i draw it all the time. but, i always draw it the same exact way every single time and i really want to open up to different poses and styles, but i just don't know how to do that. do you have any advice? sorry to bother you, but have a lovely day regardless!

the best way to think up new poses is to use reference! life drawing is good, so is this site, and i always gather reference while i’m online (thru my inspiration blog mostly)

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heathortheawful asked: Hi, I saw your process and was wondering what the purpose is of making the figures red and blue? Is it some sort of base color to enhance the top colors or under-shading of some sort? I see other artists that do it too, but I don't understand why.

no it’s just so i can see what i’m doing underneath my sketch. i use highly pigmented colors so i can see details of my inking without having to turn off my sketch. those colors have no bearing on the final image.

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i-am-kawaii-princess asked: I love your new icon! X3

welcome 2 spookytown usa

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exdevlin asked: I love your music so so much! What kind of vocal processing did you do to the vocals for "you"? It sounds wonderful!

thanks! i used a couple basic track types on garageband cuz i only know how to do really simple stuff. most of it is recorded on “female basic” but i think there are a couple tracks on “epic diva” or something like that, i don’t really remember.

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ohmyglobnency asked: You really have a voice of an angel :OOOO

sdfsdfsdf thank you!

tombie asked: This is for nixtynee asking about how to start a comic book: Start small! Make a fanzine and learn the ropes. Or even better, it's the 4th of October soon. The 24 hours comics day! A day in which a bunch of people challenge themselves to make a comic in 24 hours. I highly recommend trying to do that as a start. Google the day to find more information and tips on how to take the challenge. :)

posting this for all you comic nerds. 24-hour comic day is a lot of fun, tho it is not for the faint of heart! 

nixtynee asked: Hello! I'm super young (-14) and I wanted to start a comic book since I've been told to do so by family and friends. I was wondering, how do u do self publishing? And how for u get people to read/but your comic books. Also, where did u get your idea. I'm just waiting for an idea, a storyline, a perfect one to jump out at me. Do u think age matters when it comes to this ? Thanks, I love your art and Monster Pop!

i’ve found it’s easiest to do self publishing by gaining fans online and then using crowd funding platforms like kickstarter to get funds.

that being said, making a comic is a lot of work and you should probably do it because you want to and not because your family and friends say you should, especially if it’s not something you already have an idea for.

also: there’s really no such thing as the perfect idea and even if there was, it’s not something you wait for. it’s something you work for. a lot of people don’t realize it, but inspiration is actually a lot of hard work. it takes many, many hours of effort to get the epiphanies that fuel creation.

i think age definitely does factor into the creation process, but you’re never too young to make things. just know that it is a long process and it takes a lot of work and sometimes it won’t seem worth it because in most cases you really don’t have the skills you need to make the art that you admire until years in the future. but i think if you work now and practice and experiment and stick with it, you could make some really cool things in the future!