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two more of sets i helped make are out!

bashful bailey and fearless fatima for the class of monsters!

probably my favorite CI so far, for obvious reasons, everyone on the gaia team did a really great job, i’m so in love with all the sets that came out today!

i drew myself as a faun and as a cyclops oni!

i was actually in the middle of drawing myself as a centaur, too, but then i accidentally saved over it so i think it’s a sign it was just not meant to be!

i wanted to try out drawing linelessly so i doodled a bunny george!

so michelle and i did some demon pop! collabs! michelle drew this sketch of ava as a prince and george as a mermaid and i painted it! you can see the demon pop! collab that i sketched and michelle painted here!

in other news, ava’s demon has been listed in this year’s March Mix Madness and if you like michelle’s amazing comic you should vote for it to show her your support!!

someone asked about the process of that demon pop! doodle i did yesterday but i didn’t save the file so i thought i’d make another like it as a warm up before i get to work today!

so here’s a little windy george

woo! the first official piece of Monster Pop! merchandise is out!

go here to buy George’s eye as a print, card, shirt, hoodie, pillow, laptop skin, ipod case, and more!

maybe you can’t be a real cyclops, but you can pretend!


oh also i made this banner

ain’t it cute


since i’m still working on the monster pop! site and probably won’t be able to post the next strip til it’s done (the strip is done, but i need a place to post it!), i thought i’d show you guys the character profiles i’ve been working on!

of course, you can’t see the second half of percy, marina, and ben’s information… they haven’t been unlocked yet!


various monster and monster pop! related things


george, i think you’re in like!

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