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second week of inktober! from my instagram

i’ve been watching this playthrough of hyrule warriors all day, please send help

i doodled a flower zelda

new items now available in my store!

whoop whoop! super fun zelda + sheik print! i’ll be selling this at comikaze 2013 and then later in my shop

my friend sydney and i were thinking and we were like “what if there was a zelda game you could play with friends where you could all be link and save the world together and you could customize your link to look like you???”

that just seemed like too much fun so i doodled myself as a link!

i think probably the best part about growing up is that the moment you’ve convinced yourself that you’ve matured you inevitably end up spending an hour painting the zora OC you made up when you were ten

WOW! i am just astounded by all the responses to my Warrior Princess Zelda design! and i’m so excited that my amazing friends Dana and Michelle liked her enough to draw her!

here’s to hoping that soon i’ll have enough time to not only draw her as a Gerudo, but also as a Zorra and like a million other things!

so in her travels, i think warrior princess zelda would spend some time with the gerudos! i mean, what’s better than a kick ass princess defending her kingdom? a kick ass princess learning from a whole tribe of awesome desert ladies!

warrior princess zelda, off to kick some ass!

i wanted to do a redesign of zelda as a fighting princess! she’d be the protagonist of her own adventure while still filling her role as princess.

i wanted to stay true to her original princess outfits while paying some homage to her sheikah days (as well as a little gerudo influence, since i love them!)