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Title: maybe Artist: maya 1,099 plays


guys guys. i’m walking down memory lane today. this is actually the first song i ever wrote, like EVER, like four years ago, and just. wow. you can totally hear how bad i was at the ukulele. and my bad mic. and just. old songs. wow.

actually you can find a ton of my old, embarrassing music from high school right here (which i will probably regret linking to you guys later haha)

Title: tentative love song Artist: maya 1,199 plays

"tentative love song" - something pretty new

posting this late at night because a) wow what a lame title that’s not even a real title and b) not 100% if i like this song or not

it’s hard to forget times when you’ve been broken

i hope you don’t mind that i’ve been broken

i hope you’ll never see all the way through me

i hope you’ll never know what i let go

Title: location Artist: maya 1,261 plays

"location" - another new song!

i can’t face this world without a map

you say to take your hand, i don’t know if i can do that

are we rushing too quickly?

i don’t know where this is going…

help me, help me

Title: fuck off Artist: maya 6,175 plays

"fuck off"

whoo! finally got it together to record this song. it is a LOT of fun to sing. it’s like my feminist power ballad!

you don’t have to be worried about the friend zone any more

cuz we’re no longer friends now that you’ve called me a whore

you’ve made it painfully obvious that i’m not a person to you

just an objectifiable sack of flesh you feel entitled to screw

Monster Pop! Percy's Mix ›

Monster Pop! Marina's Mix ›

a mix of music Marina would like!

marina’s mix! music marina would listen to.

Monster Pop! Franny's Mix ›

here you guys go! a mix of music that franny would listen to!

Monster Pop! George's Mix ›

hey guys, since i’ve been waiting on my nail polish to dry, i thought i’d go ahead and create a mix for monster pop! this one is a mix for george. hopefully i’ll make some for the other characters as well! i hope you all enjoy it!

george now has her own bandcamp! ›

hi, everyone! so far there hasn’t been all that much music in monster pop!, but as the comic progresses there are going to be more musical insertions!  some of them will be songs that i have previously recorded, some will be new versions of previously recorded songs, and some will be completely new!  for this reason i have decided to give george her own separate bandcamp account!