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Title: a song for the terminally shy (with fleat) Artist: maya 3,807 plays

sometimes i remember this duet i did with a friend and then i cry a little bit because it was such an overly emotional time in my life

this song is a duet version of this song and is actually a bonus track on the same album

life without you is strange 
nothing here has changed 
i wonder if you’ve noticed

Title: choice/voice Artist: maya 1,677 plays

hey you know what like 100 million years ago i wrote this song called “choice/voice” and you know what????? now it’s fucking free 

i don’t know if that helps any but i’m pissed as shit and as soon as i can get my hands to unclench from fists i am grabbing my ukulele and and lyricizing the hell out of my righteous fury

did you know that some people don’t have a choice

even tho that’s what america’s for

that’s why we went to war (for independence)

to give us a choice

Title: give me a reason Artist: maya 709 plays

a little song tidbit - “give me a reason”

Title: warrior Artist: maya 1,571 plays

my friend said i couldn’t make this song fit alright with my voice

i’m (hopefully) proving her wrong

Title: too much, not enough Artist: maya 1,307 plays

"too much, not enough" - a new song by me!

i know this pain

here it comes again

leave me out of this

i can’t take the risk

Title: haunted Artist: maya 8,715 plays

"haunted" - from my new album!

i think we’re haunted

i can hear the echoes of the past

thought i could forgive you

but it’s funny how long this pain can last

Title: one stone Artist: maya 721 plays

"one stone" - from my new album!

so if you’re aiming at me

shoot your gun up that tree

maybe you’ll catch another bird

but if it’s me that you want

just leave the hunt

cuz this is one catch you’ll never kill again

one stone and one bird flies free

Title: half of the blame Artist: maya 703 plays

"half of the blame" - from my new album! 

I will understand 

when you call my name

it is not my heart 

you are here to claim 

but i will open up 

just the same

knowing when i do 

i share half of the blame

Title: as i am Artist: maya 909 plays

"as i am" - the title track from my new album!

please check out the full album on bandcamp! it’s only $5 for 19 tracks and (almost) all the proceeds go directly to me to help me maintain a reasonable somewhat standard of living!

if you try to fix me 

i’ll know that you’re broken

you should only want me

as i am

i know i’ve been better

but i could be a lot worse

you should only want me

as i am

Title: fall in line Artist: maya 1,395 plays

"fall in line" - another song from my new album! please check it out!

i used to tell the truth

but now i’m telling lies

i used to use my heart

now i’m just using lines

i used to fall apart

but now i fall in line