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Title: fall in line Artist: maya 1,403 plays

"fall in line" - another song from my new album! please check it out!

i used to tell the truth

but now i’m telling lies

i used to use my heart

now i’m just using lines

i used to fall apart

but now i fall in line

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“oh oh” - another new song from my latest album!

check it out, there are 19 tracks and it’s only $5! 8)

i’d like it if

you would show

some interest

in me - oh oh

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“my dear” 

here’s another good valentines song from my new album!

good morning my dear

i’m so happy you are here

good morning my dear, my dear

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happy valentines, guys! i hope you are all spending your day with someone special (a date, a friend, yourself) and that you have a lovely day!

in other news, i just released my third album! take a look, take a listen, i hope you like it!

you slip into my mind

and i am left behind

as my thoughts leave me

it is so unfair

how you are always there

how do you do it?

you’re stuck inside my brain



hey, guys, i’m finally working on getting my next album together! you guys won’t be able to see it yet when you go to my bandcamp because it’s hidden, but you can see my other two albums!

i have five songs left to record and then it will be up!

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“oh oh (demo)” - another new song! i’ll record a finished version later…

i’d like it if

you would show

some interest

in me - oh oh

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i actually finished this song a couple weeks ago but i forgot to post it! so here it is

if i mess up, just know that i’m sorry in advance

and if i’m wrong, i hope that you can understand

i’m not the best with words


haunted (demo)

just wrote a song, here’s a quick recording of it. hopefully i’ll clean it up and finish it later! but here it is for now.

i think we’re haunted

i can hear the echoes of the past

thought i could forgive you

but it’s funny how long this pain can last

Title: 4:14 AM Artist: maya 443 plays


4:14 AM - a little weird musicy thing i made last night! it’ll probably end up on the album… whenever that comes out (i was planning on it coming out during january but now i’m not so sure)

Title: words (demo) Artist: maya 509 plays


words (demo)

so i just finished writing this about five minutes ago

and yeah i guess i just want to see what you guys think??

i’m kind of on the fence about this song but if you guys like it i’ll make a finished version and put it on the next album