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holdtightclothing asked: Time to take out the trash. To dinner. To a steakhouse. Unless you're a vegetarian/vegan. Then onwards to a vegetarian restaurant. Or maybe just some coffee. How about next time we meet, I'll bring you Starbucks.

hahahahaha omfg you are a card

dendropsyche asked: I like how your hair in 2009 starts off short, then gradually gets longer and cycles back to an even shorter cut in the present xD cute!

that is my cycle. i chop my hair off into a pixie cut every 4-5 years or so and then slowly let it grow out.  the last time i grew it out my hair reached my mid back before i got bored and chopped it all off.  it also helps that my hair grows pretty fast.  

i’m really liking having short hair tho so i don’t know if i’m gonna grow it out again any time soon.

unlikelyandfantastic asked: Hello, I was so happy to come across your art blog! I had heard Haunted on WTNV and am bubbling with excitement at the amazing music and art you create! I would really love to buy your music, but I was wondering if you had any future plans to release it on ITunes as well as BandCamp? Since I only have ios devices I would definitely hold out for that day, but if not I'll just go ahead and purchase them from your bandcamp page. Thanks for your time!

thanks for the kind words!

at this point i don’t really have any intention to put my music in iTunes since i don’t know anything about that process.

plaanet asked: hey!! i've been listening to ur music for like the past 2 hours and i thought i would tell u how in love with it i am!!!

aww thank you so much!

i’m really excited on the music front! the box with my mic in it arrived so after i get more settled into my new apartment i can start recording music again!!

mwahahachoke asked: hey, i justed wanted to inform you one of your personal comics is on fckh8 fb page. They have a history of using tumblr people's stuff without asking so i wasn't sure if you knew.

oh jeez, do you have a link? ergh, i’m so sick of these places stealing my comics 8\

epicmurdock asked: Was that a Magic Knight Rayearth poster in the background of Marinas room?

yes! all the prints in marina’s room are things that i drew. this is the MKR poster.

dragonsidhe asked: How dare you be a cutie that 10/10 would smooch even though you make painful mermaid cutes that stab at the heart meat.

juniperbean asked: how come Monster Pop! hasn't been updated? :(

hi! i posted this before, but i am currently in the process of moving so i can’t really update right now!  i just got the wifi up and running in my new apt but i still don’t have a desk or most of my things yet. i’m hoping to start updating again next week, i’ll keep you guys posted!

sh4d0w-n1ght asked: nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo i just read how to become a mermaid and its so sad !! whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy !?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

well you were warned

rinisaurus asked: what is this 'how to be a mermaid'? it sounds interesting? could I get a link?

it’s a comic i made during college! you can see my comics here.