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ironcladfolly asked: I'm going to be a vendor at my first con in a few months! I've been a vendor at several craft fairs before, but this will be my first convention-style show. Do you have any advice for a con first-timer? Things like how to set up your booth, what sorts of things to bring, and the always difficult-to-answer "What sells best?"

bring a refillable water bottle. bring change. give yourself space for storage. display all your best things prominently, even if they’re more expensive, because even if people don’t buy them, they will attract people to the table. this works like an end cap in a store.  you have a couple really nice, more expensive items that attract customers, but which sell the least.  then you have midtier items that a lot of people will buy, which are nice and in a midrange expense wise.  then you have the smallest, cheapest things that people will see after being attracted to your table by the nicer things, things that don’t cost much but will add up slowly.  if you look at end caps at stores like target you’ll see that they have this down to a proportion of about 1 : 2 : 3 or 2 : 2 : 3 (high : mid : low ).  also, have clear pricing signage and have a cash box that locks.

i used to try and think about what would sell but it was always counterproductive for me. i just make things i want, things i want to draw. if i like something and enjoy drawing it, i will work harder and make it better and it will be more likely to sell. it’s always difficult to predict what will sell at a con and a lot of the time it’s regional.

things sell differently depending on where the con is, so even if something doesn’t sell at your local con, it might do better out of state. you just sort of have to build up a stock, bring everything, and hope you do well. when i try to strategize too much and think too much about what’s popular, it end ups not selling because there are so many other people doing the same thing. when i make things i enjoy, it ends up being more unique and therefor more sellable.

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glamduil asked: I'm an artist and I want to eventually sell my art at cons, but the idea of making something good enough to be a print makes me anxious, like nothing I draw is good enough for that. do you have any tips or advice?

there’s not really any such thing as objectively “good enough.” your taste will always evolve faster than your skills (or at least, hopefully it will; otherwise you’d end up with technically good art done in poor taste). all you can do is keep drawing and working your ass off and hoping you get better.

tabling at cons can be scary but the easiest way to get over that fear is to just do it. you might take a loss the first time, you might not, but cons are a steep learning curve and it’s pretty easy to improve the more you do them. i find its always helpful to look at other people’s displays to get ideas for how to present your work. as far as the work itself… i just draw whatever i want and hope it sells haha.

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official-rob-ford asked: HI CAN I JUST SAY OH MY GOLLY GOSH your art makes me want to cry its so amazing! You probably get this kind of stuff a lot, but if you don't, you deserve it! I could only aspire to draw on your level one day. I love your adventure time/personal drawings also! Anyways I'll stop blabbering on, just wanted to let you know its amazing! Keep doing your thing! P.S - your hair is really cool! K bye:)

thank you so much! <3

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capitaine-crochet asked: Want a crochet bow or any hair accessory? I will make you whatever bow you want. If not a bow, there would have to be some restrictions. As a gift. Cuz you're great. All the bows for you.

holy jesus YES PLEASE

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lakenzie asked: Hey, I don't know if you know this or not, but the Facebook page "SO WHAT I'M FAT" is using your comic (the "dang I'm cute" mirror one?) in their Timeline Photos Album unsourced. I remember a while back you had some problems with people not sourcing, so I wasn't sure if you've seen this one yet. Just thought I'd bring it to your attention!!

could you please link me? and i’d also appreciate you or whoever leaving comments asking them to source it since it seems like it’s more likely to happen if more people ask.  i’m really sick of having my work reposted without credit.

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ccandelorodupolignac asked: is it ok if we take selfies with you at san jp?

as long as you ask before hand, it’s fine!  a lot of people have asked me to take selfies with them at the past few cons and i have said yes every time! please try to get one on friday or saturday though, as sundays tend to find me dead to the world.

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weaselling asked: Is it possible that you could post an old picture of yourself with pink hair for me again? You had it dyed so well, and I'm trying to convince my friend to go that color! All my pleases and all my thank you's!

i have a hair tag on my personal blog! you can scroll through that and see all the various colors and styles my hair has been haha

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cyclopesprincess asked: Hello!! I started reading monster pop and I just LOVE IT! I even changed my URL to match it kinda! I was wondering, do you take commissions?? If so I'd be VERY interested!

thank you! i am a little backed up with commissions currently, but i do have them listed here. however, this is a bit outdated, particularly for the “flat” style since it has grown a lot since i made that post (it now looks like this and is actually my default style) and the prices/samples need to be changed to reflect my artistic growth. (flat style needs to be priced about the same as painted, i think)

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ladyslothbottom asked: Hi hi~ I was just wondering if you'd be cool with me looking at/printing off some of your work for my research sketchbook for a final-year university project? I know some people aren't cool with work being printed even for things like this so I figured I'd ask and let you know; it's entirely for study purposes only. Part of the project involves developing a faster, more simplistic visual style to what I'm used to and your work is both wonderful yet simple, so ;3;

if it’s for study, that is completely fine! thank you for asking <3

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nocturnalhymnz asked: Sorry this is my first time asking a question,like ever,So I don't know what I'm doing,but I wanted to know if the MonsterPop comics are real comic books,and if so where can I buy one. I LOVE YOUR WORK AND I FIND YOU QUITE SO ADORKABLE I.MIGHT.DIE

thank you! as of yet, there is no printed version of monster pop!, but i’m hoping to do a kickstarter or something to make one after chapter 3 is finished!

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